Mauritius-Reunion kite transition
November 2019

We do it again!
The record transition between the island of Mauritius and Reunion will take place again this year.
And this time, you have the opportunity to be part of it!
Last November 14, our instructors, as part of an international group of riders, made the transition between the island of Mauritius and Reunion by kite.
9 riders relaying each other, kited 203 km across the open ocean.
This transition has set several world records, and is still a unique event in many respects.
How does the transition work?
We start early in the morning from Mauritius.
Expected travel time about 10 hours.
Two riders on the water at a time.
The main group following them on a special boat, together with a doctor, photograph, video operator and journalists.
Riders will relay each other all the way to Reunion island.
What is included in our package?
We will prepare you for this challenge. We will tell and teach how to cope with all the aspects of a long ride in the open ocean, how to start and land on a boat so that you can pass on the kite to the next rider.
Transition itself
All equipment necessary for the transition, including kites, boards, radio communications. This also includes an escort boat, a motor boat to secure riders and change them. The doctor accompanying our team and participant's insurance.
Photo and video shooting
The whole process of preparation and the transition itself will be shot by our photographers and cameramen. After the transition, you will have not only unforgettable memories, but also vivid photos and videos. Materials shot during this time will form the basis of the film dedicated to the transition.
* To visit Reunion Island, you must have a French Schengen visa for at least a year

How it was in 2018:

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